Everyone remembers their first love.
Holly certainly remembers Alex. But she decided ten years ago that love wasn’t about mix tapes and seizing the moment – though she’s not exactly sure it’s about secret dates with your boss, either.

But what if the feelings never really went away?
Alex wants to make every moment of his new job count. It’s a fresh start in a big city, and he’s almost certain that moving to London has nothing to do with Holly. Almost.

How do you know if it was meant to be… Or never meant to happen at all?

My thoughts

First love, Second chances. Yes that was what this book is all about.

The story of Holly and Alex will remind you of the day that you almost confess to your first love that you love them, but you didn’t and a few years later, you two met again, and it makes you ask yourself if you still feel the same thing for that person.

My most favorite part of the story is when Holly is in the plane back to London talking to Ryan, because yeah, when Ryan said that he can’t wait to step into London roots and knowing that he is having a baby soon. Because for one moment there, I really thought that Holly was pregnant with Ryan’s child. And my heart almost had a mini heart attack because Alex is waiting for Holly. But, yea, I really liked how the authors ended the story. It will makes you think if maybe your first love is really the right one for you, and destiny is just making you experience other things before you two will get back into each other.

So these are the reasons why I happened to give this story 4 shining stars. A story to read for everyone who is still having a little something for their first loves. *wink*


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